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Content of the closed website hosted at It contains descriptions, maps and links to related information for over 800 America's most scenic roads.

It displays maps from Furkot and books from Amazon. Comments are provided by Disqus, and custom search engine -- by Google.

Site is generated by Wintersmith


To preview the website:

npm install
make components preview

To build a static version:

make build


Fork and have fun. We take patches and update hosted version regularly. If you modify .js files make sure you make lint it.

If you work for any of the organizations that used to contribute to and want to update information on your byway but don't feel like dealing with this git thing, drop us an e-mail at


We believe the content of the website (.json files in the contents directory) is in public domain. It was available from run by FHWA before that site and the byways program was defunded. If you think otherwise please contact us at

Everything outside of the contents directory (styles, javascript, jade templates etc.) is published under MIT license.

Icon Fonts

Icon font generated by Iconmoon application:

Car designed by Diogo Trindade from The Noun Project