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Build Your Projects

BYP is a Node.js module that builds your C++ projects with various compilers. Solutions are defined in a dynamic JavaScript-based DSL. BYP is mainly targeted at C/C++/Objective-C developers, although I suppose other languages/compilers are possible. I was looking for a lightweight build tool that could run from the Visual Studios command line, because I don't want to start up VS just to build my code.

BYP is still in heavy alpha. If there's a bug, add it to the issues list and hopefully I'll get to fixing it. If you decide to fix a bug yourself, just pull request it and I'll merge it in!

If you want to start using BYP, I'd suggest reading the Getting Started guide.

To install BYP, run the following command. Node.js 0.6.x and npm must be installed for this to work properly.

npm install byp -g