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Fork of Raynos/by


Select elements by class or id or tag

Because document.getElementsByClassName is simply too verbose.

Also these functions return arrays! You can also pass an optional first parameter to give it a different context then document.

var byClass = require("by/class")
    , queryAll = require("by/queryAll")
var elems = byClass("some-class")
var other = queryAll(elems[0], ".some div.selector")

Also has

  • var byName = require("by/name") which is short for document.getElementsByName
  • var byId = require("by/id") which is short for document.getElementById
  • var query = require("by/query") which is short for document.querySelector
  • var queryAll = require("by/queryAll") which is short for document.querySelectorAll
  • var byTag = require("by/tag") which is short for document.getElementsByTagName

npm install by

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