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Get a Buzzword Phrase

Since I like to synergize backward overflow for upward mobility (thank you 30 Rock) as much as the next person, I figured this could make a fun if not at all useful node module. This is also a module I use for educational purposes and the occasional private git commit message:

# ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ don't do this to people you work with
git commit -m "$(buzzphrase 2)"

As of 2.0.0, this module splits up the word groups into verb + adjective + noun and allows combining multiple phrases with a continuation phrase. It also now has logic to make each word mostly unique in the overall phrase. See below when called with 15 joined phrases.


As a Global Install

Run on the command line, you can specify the number of joining iterations (default 1) and a format (default '{a} {v} {N}'):

  buzzphrase {iterations} {format}
⇒ npm install -g buzzphrase
⇒ buzzphrase
# same as `buzzphrase 1 '{a} {v} {N}'`

synthesized transitional alignments

⇒ buzzphrase 1 '{v} {a} {n}'

lobotomized bleeding-edge community

The format method is also useful for testing new word additions with random counterparts:

⇒ buzzphrase 1 '{v} {a} consumption'

repurposed organizational consumption

⇒ buzzphrase 2

intermediated 24/7 convergence, leveraging distributed anti-fragile paradigm-shifts

⇒ buzzphrase 3

enhanced incremental initiatives independent of reinvigorated extensible channels, which revolutionizes mesh didactic partnerships

⇒ buzzphrase 15

concealed compatible paradigm-shifts, in contrast to emitted unique convergence, in preparation for serialized innovative abstractions, which revolutionizes e-enabled acoustic singularity, anticipating filtered didactic policies, independent of printed-out best-of-breed hardware, liberating leveraged reciprocal management, enhanced by branded digital pooling on behalf of virtualized zero-downtime #DevOps, which foreshadows upheld extravehicular normalization for facilitated polymorphic markets, which will enable printed multilayered communities, protecting against scanned organizational clusters, forging offloaded 24/7 virtualization, pioneering clicked asynchronous partnerships

As a module

import buzzphrase from "buzzphrase";
// OR
//const buzzphrase = require("buzzphrase");

// get a phrase as a building block
console.log("we are building " + buzzphrase.get());
// -> we are building marshalled retroactive applications

// custom phrase
        format: "{i} {a} {n} {f}",
// -> embrace digital #DevOps for dummies

// log a joined series of 2 phrases to the console
buzzphrase.log({ iterations: 2 });
// -> initialized cognitive paradigm-shifts, in preparation for iterated ubiquitous architectures

Format Recommendations

'{a} {v} {N}' - default

retrospective digitized relationships
adaptive accelerated markets
shallow merged markets

'{a} {v} {n}'

unique routed projection
sustainable filed touchpoint
quantum initialized programming

'{V} {a} {n} {f}'

incentivizing B2B value-add as code
popping-up frictionless partnership at scale
evolving third-generation projection for people

'{i} {v} {a} {N}'

deliver merged immersive channels
syndicate engineered all-purpose interfaces
grow architected adversarial mobility


  • get(config): Get a phrase, with config options

    • default config:
      format: '{a} {v} {N}',
      iterations: 1
    • format: This is a string template that will replace the following with random words
      • {a} adjective
      • {c} continuation
      • {f} final (e.g. "for dummies")
      • {i} imperative verb
      • {N} plural noun
      • {n} singular noun
      • {v} past-tense verb (e.g. initialized)
      • {V} present participle verb (e.g. clustering)
    • iterations: specify how many times the format should be joined together with continuations ('{c}'). For example, specifying get({iterations: 2}) will conjoin the default format into {a} {v} {N} {c} {a} {v} {N}
  • getImperative(iterations)

    • DEPRECATED: instead use
        format: "{i} {a} {v} {N}",
        iterations: iterations,
  • getPhrase(iterations)

    • DEPRECATED: instead use
        iterations: iterations,
  • buzz(iterations)

    • DEPRECATED: instead use
        iterations: iterations,
  • log(config): same as get(config) but also uses console.log to spit this out into STDOUT


npm test

Testing all supported node.js versions

  1. install docker | Docker for Mac | Docker for Windows
  2. run tests
npm run nodeversions


Adam Eivy is a Principal Software Engineer at a large media company by day and a drawing dad by night. Find him here on the interwebs



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