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Buttercup Archive Importer

Import archives from other password managers.

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This archive importer coverts password archives from other formats to the Buttercup archive format (BCUP).

Supported platforms

The importer requires NodeJS v4 or above.

Supported password archive formats

  • KDBX (keepass) KeePass 2 archives
  • Lastpass Lastpass archives
  • 1Password 1Password PIF files (exported)
  • CSV CSV files (general)

Importing from 3rd-party managers

KeePass 2

KeePass archives for KeePass 2 can be opened using the importFromKDBX command. Simply pass the filename, password and destination path.


When your archive is open, choose to export all entries to 1PIF format. Provide the path and destination to the importFrom1PIF function.

Imported 1Password archives may lose some information regarding their type (eg. Credit cards).


Lastpass credentials can be exported as CSV files, which can be imported using Buttercup importer.