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    small unzip library. ~777 bytes for Node, and ~1.1k^ bytes for browsers.

    ^only Chrome and friends have built-in inflateRaw support for the compression in zip, so you'll need to include e.g., pako, which adds ~20k.


    Install via your favorite package manager and import but-unzip. Has zero dependencies.

    $ npm install but-unzip
    # for browsers you will likely need
    $ npm install pako

    This library returns zip entries synchronously, but only returns an entry's uncompressed bytes after calling bytes(), which'll give Uint8Array or Promise<Uint8Array>.

    Naïve use

    If there's a built-in function to inflate compressed files (like in Node), you can use the code like:

    import { iter } from 'but-unzip';
    import * as fs from 'fs';
    const bytes = fs.readFileSync('');
    for (const entry of iter(bytes)) {, entry.comment);
      const bytes = await;
      // do something with bytes

    Provide inflate function (non-Chrome)

    In practice, in the browser, you're going to want to include pako, because only Chrome has built-in support:

    import { unzip, inflateRaw as platformInflateRaw } from 'but-unzip';
    import { inflateRaw as pakoInflateRaw } from 'pako/lib/inflate.js';
    async function decompressUint8Array(zipBytes) {
      const allEntries = unzip(zipBytes, platformInflateRaw || pakoInflateRaw);
      // do something with entries

    Dynamically import inflate

    You might want to be tricky and only fetch pako if you need to:

    import { unzip, inflateRaw as platformInflateRaw } from 'but-unzip';
    const inflateRaw = platformInflateRaw || (await import('pako/lib/inflate.js').inflateRaw);
    // later
    const all = unzip(zipBytes, inflateRaw);


    • Pako's ESM bundling is a bit broken, so importing 'pako/lib/inflate.js' adds ~20k. Importing 'pako' wholesale, even if you only use inflateRaw, adds ~45k.

    • This library doesn't support ZIP64, but probably should.

    • Chrome actually only supports inflate, but we abuse that to provide inflateRaw.



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