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node library for busylight

Busylight for node

A node library for the Busylight usb device. More info on the Busylight can be found here:

npm install busylight

*extra steps for node-webkit

Quick start

var busylight = require('busylight').get()
busylight.ring('Funky').blink(['red', 'yellow', 'blue', 'green'], 150);


Get the first available busylight

var busylight = require('busylight').get()

Get a specific Busylight attached to the system.

var busylight = require('busylight').get(path);

The path can be found by looking at the connected Busylights. Pass true if you want to see all connected USB HIDs. This can be useful if the Busylight is not detected.

var busylights = require('busylight').devices(showAllUSBDevices);

Set up different defaults that the busyligt will use if you don't give specific instructions

  keepalive: true,      // If the busylight is not kept alive it will turn off after 30 seconds
  color: 'white',       // The default color to use for light, blink and pulse
  duration: 30 * 1000,  // The duration for a blink or pulse sequence
  rate: 300,            // The rate at which to blink or pulse
  degamma: true,        // Fix rgb colors to present a better light
  tone: 'OpenOffice',   // Default ring tone
  volume: 4             // Default volume

To make the busylight light a specific color just use a valid css color.


To turn it off


Make the busylight play a ringtone


Volumesteps The busylight accepts volume values of 0-7


  • OpenOffice
  • Quiet
  • Funky
  • FairyTale
  • KuandoTrain
  • TelephoneNordic
  • TelephoneOriginal
  • TelephonePickMeUp
  • Buzz (Basically annoying white noise)

Fades smoothly between colors. If only a single color is defined it will pulse between that color and no light

busylight.blink(['red', 'green', 'blue'], 500);

The pulse method fades smoothly between the defined colors. If only a single color is defined it will pulse between that color and no light

busylight.pulse(['#f00', '#0f0', '#00f']);

Turns everything off.;

When you are done using the busylight you can use the close method to shut down the connection correctly


Simple chaining is available to let you eg. ring and blink in one go


Turn it off again



Currently only the Kuando Busylight has been tested, but it seems the busylight unit is available under different names

  • Kuando Busylight

Busylight relies on node-hid. node-hid needs to be built for each platform and specific version of node-webkit, so to make it work you need to build node-hid using nw-gyp