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A simple, but flexible loading-mask plugin for jQuery.

  • Overlay
    • animate it like fade or slide in
    • fiddle around with plenty of options to fit your needs
  • Spinners
    • css - select from a collection of pure css-spinners from Tobias Ahlin
    • image - use an image as a spinner
    • custom - pass in your custom jQuery-Element
    • fontawesome - just use the library-icons
  • Text
    • show some text
    • position it on top, bottom, left or right of the spinner
    • customize your text, like color, margin, size ...
  • ES6
    • because busy-load is completely written in ES6, you can simply require or import it


You can find some examples here.

Hint: tardis

Getting started

Add jQuery

<script src=""></script>

then busy-load

<script src=""></script>
<link href="" rel="stylesheet">

and call the plugin from your element


// with options
$("#another-element").busyLoad("show", {
    background: "#000",
    spinner: "cube",
    animation: "slide"

// with options
$("#another-element").busyLoad("hide", {
  animation: "fade"


The overlay gets an absolute position, so if your caller element has a position of static, busy-load will turn it into relative.



<script src=""></script>
<link href="" rel="stylesheet">


npm i busy-load
  • busy-load imports its css to the bundle, so it's up to you, what you do with it.


import 'busy-load'; 




  • You'll find a normal and a minified version of the js-& css file inside the dist-folder. You can copy them wherever you'd like and include them by a link- and script-tag.


Here's a full list of all the default-options you can use and modify on the plugin:

Property Description value Default value
action show or hide the overlay show, hide -
spinner a CSS-spinner pump, accordion, pulsar, cube, cubes, circle-line, circles, cube-grid pump
image use an image as spinner source for image (location, string) false
fontawesome use a fontawesome-icon as a spinner fa fa-refresh fa-spin fa-2x fa-fw false
custom use a custom jQuery-element as spinner jQuery-element $("#el") false
color color of the spinner color-value #fff
background background of the overlay color-value rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.21)
maxSize max-size of the spinner size-value 50px
minSize min-size of the spinner size-value 20px
text text next to the spinner String or false false
textColor color of the text color-value default is color
textMargin margin of the text - works on every textPosition size-value false
textPosition where should the text appear top, bottom, left, right right
animation use an animation, when overlay appears or hides fade, slide false
animationDuration pass in duration of animation slow, fast, integer in ms fast
containerClass add a class to the overlay-container class-name busy-load-container
containerItemClass add a class to the container-item class-name busy-load-container-item
spinnerClass add a class to the spinner class-name busy-load-spinner
textClass add a class to the text class-name busy-load-text

To see them in action and learn how to use them goto this place.


busy-load includes some basic events

Event Description parameters before overlay is shown event, $container, $targetNode
bl.shown after overlay appeared event, $container, $targetNode
bl.hide before overlay disappears event, $container, $targetNode
bl.hidden after overlay is removed from DOM event, $container, $targetNode


For a fullscreen-overlay use $.busyLoadFull():

  • the method accepts the same options like busyLoad()


If you don't wanna pass in your options all the time, because it would repeat itself, you can use $.busyLoadSetup:

    animation: "slide",
    background: "rgba(255, 152, 0, 0.86)"


To see the actual default-settings use $fn.busyLoad.defaults:


Setting a new default value:

$fn.busyLoad.defaults.color = "blue"


busy-load is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details.


Andreas Stephan


npm i busy-load

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