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A pure javascript module for the RSA functionality for BurningPig & Minecraft encryption

What does it do?

This module can generate an RSA public/private key pair in pure JavaScript. It can also generate the ASN.1 for the key.

Is it cryptographically safe?

I have no idea. I only use it for implimenting the encryption for the Minecraft protcol. I don't use it for any important encryption scenarios.

What is it based on?

This module is adapated for Node.js from the following libraries:


You can run this example by running node example

var rsa = require("./src/rsa.js");
var key = new rsa.Key();

var message = "All your bases are belong to us.";

// Generate a key
key.generate(1024, "10001");
console.log("n:" + key.n.toString(16));
console.log("e:" + key.e.toString(16));
console.log("d:" + key.d.toString(16));

// Encrypt
var encrypted = key.encrypt(message);
console.log("Encrypted:\n" + rsa.linebrk(encrypted, 64) + "\n" );

// Decrypt
var decrypted = key.decrypt(encrypted);
console.log("Decrypted:" + rsa.linebrk(decrypted, 64) + "\n");

var sig = key.signString(message, "sha256");
console.log("String signature: \n" + rsa.linebrk(sig, 64));

var pubkey = new rsa.Key();
pubkey.n = key.n;
pubkey.e = key.e;

var verified = pubkey.verifyString(message, sig);

console.log("Verfied: " + verified);


BurningPig-encryption & the base libraries are MIT licensed.

See the LICENSE file for the list of specific licenses for each library