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Burn Contrib Banner

NPM Install

>> npm install -g burn-contrib-banner

Basic Usage

go to the root work directory and type command >> burn then hit enter


  • type of burn (string) --type / -t
  • numbers of image png to be gif --range / -r (agif only)
  • waiting for the end frames of banners (milisecond) --delay / -d
  • folders banners (array separate ",") --folder / -f
  • turn on zip feature (boolean) --zip / -z
  • trun on capture feature (boolean) --zip / -z
  • selector element to be burn (selector DOM) --selector / -s
  • determine image quality (int) --quality / -q

Example Parameters Usage:

>> burn -d 10000 -f "drive/folder_target" -z true -c false -s #container -q 100

Backup image as gif

>> burn -t gif

Backup image as animation gif

>> burn -t agif