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Bundler configuration loader, a tool to include bundler configuration in the resulting build

Provides a way to include webpack module bundler configuration in the resulting bundle build. That makes possible to use certain data from build configuration later, at the time the build itself gets executed (in browser, in production environment, then installed as the package).

By default the whole configuration will be included in the bundle build. That may lead to the leak of sensitive information and such use should be carefully considered.

If the argument string is specified, then it will be used as a property name to include only the part of the bundler configuration which is stored in that property. That is a much more safer option.

Note that if that property contains an object or nested objects, they all will be included. Basically the ``JSON.stringify()``` is performed.


Say you have a variable in bundler configuration and you want that variable to be available in the resulting build:

module.exports = {
  env: "development"

Somewhere in the javascript about to be packed you may call the loader and then the variable content (here "development") will be included in bundle:

// Include in the bundle build the part of the configuration accessible by the 'env' property 
var env = require('bundler-configuration?env!')
// sample use of that data 
if (env === 'development')
  window.logger.level = 'info'
// Include the entire configuration in the bundle build. 
// That may lead to the leak of sensitive information and such use should be carefully considered. 
var config = require('bundler-configuration!')


Install with the npm package manager:

npm install --save-dev bundler-configuration-loader