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    Analyze webpack stats(bundle size, assets, modules, packages) and compare the results between different builds.

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    - Bundle size and totals by file type(css, js, img, etc)
    - Cache invalidation, Initial JS/CSS and other bundle specific metrics
    - Assets report (entrypoint, initial, types, changed, delta)
    - Modules report (changed, delta) by chunk
    - Packages report (count, duplicate, changed, delta)
    Side by side comparison for multiple builds

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    npm install --dev bundle-stats-webpack-plugin


    yarn add --dev bundle-stats-webpack-plugin

    Webpack configuration

    // webpack.config.js
    const { BundleStatsWebpackPlugin } = require('bundle-stats-webpack-plugin');
    module.exports = {
      plugins: [
        new BundleStatsWebpackPlugin()


    • compare - use local saved stats for comparison (default true).
    • baseline - save current webpack stats as baseline (default false).
    • html - output html report (default true).
    • json - output json report (default false).
    • outDir - output directory relative to webpack output.path (default '').
    • silent - stop logging info and only log warning and error (default false).
    • stats - Webpack stats options default:
        stats: {
          assets: true,
          entrypoints: true,
          chunks: true,
          modules: true,
          builtAt: true,
          hash: true

    Use with create-react-app

    You will need to customize the default webpack config. That can be done by using react-app-rewired which is one of create-react-app's custom config solutions. You will also need customize-cra.

    npm install --dev customize-cra react-app-rewired


    yarn add customize-cra react-app-rewired --dev

    Change your default scripts in package.json to:

    /* package.json */
    "scripts": {
      "start": "react-app-rewired start",
      "build": "react-app-rewired build",
      "test": "react-app-rewired test"

    Create a file config-overrides.js at the same level as package.json.

    // config-overrides.js
    const { override, addWebpackPlugin } = require('customize-cra');
    const { BundleStatsWebpackPlugin } = require('bundle-stats-webpack-plugin');
    module.exports = override(
      addWebpackPlugin(new BundleStatsWebpackPlugin()),

    Compare mode

    In compare mode, the metrics are compared against an existing(node_modules/.cache/bundle-stats/baseline.json) Webpack stats file(baseline). To generate the baseline webpack stats, set BUNDLE_STATS_BASELINE environmental variable to true or set BundleStatsWebpackPlugin baseline option to true:

    # Checkout to the branch/tag/commit where you want to generate the baseline
    $ git checkout master
    # Build your application with BUNDLE_STATS_BASELINE environmental variable
    $ BUNDLE_STATS_BASELINE=true npm run build
    # Checkout to the working branch/tag/commit
    $ git checkout MY_FEATURE_BRANCH
    # Build your application
    $ npm run build

    The option can be disabled by setting BundleStatsWebpackPlugin compare option to false.

    Framework specific plugins

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