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    IoC Container. Inspired by Spring Framework

    What is buncha?

    • IoC Container - Buncha is essential package to build a powerful, large application
    • Invoke Function and Construct Object - Find the correct arguments automatically to invoke functions or construct an object from class.
    • Dependency Manager - Manage dependencies of services in container. Auto detect dependency cycle.
    • Annotation Scanner - Buncha uses @Service annotation to detect services in projects.
    • Watch File Changes and Auto Reload - Hate restarting application to apply the changes every time modify a file? Buncha detects changes and reload it and all dependents for you automatically.
    • Fast Execution - Buncha usually spends less than 0.02 milliseconds to parse and start invoking a function or constructing an object. See benchmark test


    $ npm install --save buncha

    Register services manually

    //Declare services
    var userService = function () {
    var ReportService = function (userService) {
    //Register services. The registration order is NOT important
    var container = new (require("buncha").Container)();
    container.registerByConstructor("reportService", ReportService);
    container.register("userService", userService);
    //Get service by name
    var reportService = container.resolve("reportService");
    var services = container.resolve(["reportService", "userService"])

    Invoke function and construct object

    function generateReport (userService, reportService) {
    function Report (reportService, userService, type){
    //Buncha finds correct arguments to invoke the function
    var report1 = container.invoke(generateReport);
    //Add missingResolver {type:"pdf"}
    //Missingresolver can be a function(parameterName){}
    var report2 = container.construct(Report, {type:"pdf"});

    Using service annotation to declare a service

    Create file service/order-service.js with annotation @Service in multi-line comment block

     * @Service(name="orderService")
    module.exports = OrderService;
    function OrderService (userService, reportService) {

    Scan and watch

    Use buncha to scan all services in service directory

    var container = new (require("buncha").Container)();
    var promise = container.scan( ["service"] );// .scan("service") is also OK.

    We can also use .watch() to scan and watch all changes of services to auto reload them:

    var container = new (require("buncha").Container)();
    var promise = container.watch(["service"]);

    Default services in IoC container:

    • $construct
    • $invoke
    • $register
    • $registerByConstructor
    • $resolve
    • $resolveByAnnotation

    Function utility

    function hello(name, age){
    var User = function(name, age){
        this.getName = function(){
            return name;
        this.getAge = function(){
            return age;
    var user = new User("Tom", 10);
    var Fx = require("buncha").Fx;
    var parameters = Fx.extractParameters( hello ); //return ["name", "age"]
    var methods = Fx.getMethodNames( user ); //return ["getName", "getAge"]
    var annotations = Fx.extractAnnotations( fileContentInString ); //return all annotations


    On my machine, Buncha usually spends only more 0.00122 ms to 0.009347 ms to parse and invoke a function and 0.001195 ms to 0.020473 ms to construct an object.

    Following is the result of my test:

    Benchmark result of $invoke:
    Wo Container: It takes 34ms to invoke 1000000 times.
    W/ Container, Wo Caching: It takes 9381ms to invoke 1000000 times. Average time spent by Buncha: 0.009347ms
    W/ Container, With Caching: It takes 1254ms to invoke 1000000 times. Average time spent by Buncha: 0.00122ms
    Benchmark result of $construct:
    Wo Container: It takes 38ms to construct 1000000 times.
    W/ Container, Wo Caching: It takes 20511ms to construct 1000000 times. Average time spent by Buncha: 0.020473ms
    W/ Container, With Caching: It takes 1233ms to construct 1000000 times. Average time spent by Buncha: 0.001195ms

    Run the benchmark test:

    $ mocha --grep "Benchmark"


    Tho Q Luong thoqbk.github.io




    npm i buncha

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