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an application to monitor continuous integration builds and notify you by a ThingM blink1 light.

Build Blink

Uses's blink(1) product as a continuous integration build light.

install: npm install buildblink -g

run: buildblink

  • you will be prompted for configuration information on first run.
  • to modify configuration after install, edit your ~/.buildblinkrc file.

Different colour patterns can be configured. Default configuration follows the patterns below:


  • Green Successful build
  • Flashing Green (temporarily) Newly successful build
  • Police Lights (temporarily) Newly failed build
  • Cycle Green / Yellow Building & previous build was green
  • Cycle Red / Yellow Building & previous build was red

Currently tested with one build, one light.

Teamcity has to have guestAuth enabled. Your Teamcity should respond to the sample url:


  • swap teamcity, and Build_Identifier sections in the above url to test.

Currently only tested on OSX.

  • TeamCity
  • TBD
    • Jenkins
    • Travis CI
  • See the GitHub issues page for enhancements, and submit your own!
  • Pull Request (use feature branches!)