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This is a product build for primary use by Pragma Products.
The aim of this product is to bring SDLC togeather covering all aspects.
We want to be able to create new projects quicly and easily with out the fuss of having to set up all the requirements every time.

For documentation of what is contained in this package and how to use it please check out our github wiki page.


Enable web client development using typescript and aurelia.
Have extensive testing in place that includes:

  1. Mocha, Chai, Sinon unit testing
  2. Code coverage on unit tests.
  3. Test auditing ensuring that typescript classes have tests.
  4. End to end web automated tests using a easy intermediate json based language.


Packaging of projects are done seperate from this product because though the project is initialized as a aurelia project, not all projects are visual front end products.

Understanding how this works.

Please see the wiki on github for the individual parts of build-utilities. Please note that this product is still very much in development. Documentation is a ongoing matter but development current takes president.


You are welcome to use the features of build-utilities for your projects but please keep in mind that it is build with pragma products in mind.