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Build Information Monitor

Having a continuous integration server doesn't do very much if nobody knows when the builds break. That's why you really should have some sort of "build information radiator". You can make your own with the Philips Hue light bulbs, X10 home automation or in other ways you dream up. This software will help you control if things should be on and perhaps what color they should show.

Installation For Use

You should be able to install the package with npm and point the installed program at your config file. A sample one is committed to the repository to help get you started.

sudo npm install -g build-monitor
build-monitor my_config.yml

Development Installation

First, clone the repository somewhere you'd like to see it. Next, you will need to get the submodules and packages from npm. Finally, run the setup_repository script to finish getting git hooks and other tidbits.

git clone cd build-monitor git submodule init git submodule update npm install 3rd_party/bare_repo/util/bin/setup_repository


This repository is covered by an MIT license. The full text is available in the file in the repository.