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a Simple Project Template integrated with sass,grunt,bower and a static server with 'npm connect'

SimpleTemplate@BuildFuture offers a simple grunt-cored auto workflow project, which listens source file changes and lively update .

Hierarchy of Projects

--bower_components     // bower libraries
--dest                 // runtime directory, which is generated and maintained by grunt
    --[.tmp]                                           # temp compile file
    --css                                              # project css folder
    --font                                             # project level font folder
    --html                                             # html subpages 
    --imgs                                             # images ,icons,svgs
    --js                                               # project js folder
    --lib                                              # libraries from external, as zepto,jQuery,Bootstrap 
    --index.html                                       # main html page
--node_modules         // node components
--src                  // source codes, where put your source codes
    --font                                             # font sources 
    --html                                             # html pages 
    --imgs                                             # image type assets
    --js                                               # js sources
    --lib                                              # external / third-party libs 
    --sass                                             # sass folders 
    --index.html                                       # main page 
--.jshintrc            // jshint config
--bower.json           // bower config, preset bower dependencies
--Gruntfile.js         // grunt config file
--package.json         // package meta            // readme file
--start.bat            // starter under windows / xp             // starter under unix* / linux*

Automating Process

1. copy multiple sources to dest directory , from sources codes , bower_components and other libs , which is configured in grunt
2. compile from sass / scss to css
3. concat all .css files into a combine file all.css, concat all .js files into a combined file all.js; (library not included)
4. unglify all.js to all.min.js, cssmin all.css to all.min.css
5. minify html files

@BuildFuture aims to make it better,more effective, easier to build projects.


npm i build-future-simple-template

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