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BugBuster command line interface

Using this tool, users can connect their local network to test local applications with BugBuster. The module relies on Sesame, a secure tunneling protocol developed by BugBuster.


  • A free BugBuster account
  • Node.js version 0.8 or higher. Instructions to download and install Node.js can be found here.

Installation and Usage

  1. Use npm to install the module globally

     npm install -g bugbuster

    Note: on some systems you may need administrative privileges to install the module globally. If that is the case, prefix the install command with sudo:

     sudo npm install -g bugbuster
  2. Open the command line and type the following:

     bugbuster --apiKey USER_API_KEY --tenant USER_TENANT_ID

    USER_API_KEY and USER_TENANT_ID are available from BugBuster's settings panel.

Protocol documentation

This module uses the Sesame protocol to proxy requests from BugBuster through an encrypted WebSocket and to the user's local network. The reference implementation of the protocol is open source and available here.