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Bug - Listening Device for JS Objects

A tiny Javascript library that conviniently handles event binding between objects. It works with the event apis for DOM elements, Node style event emitters api (on/removeListener), and the jQuery/Backbone style on/off api.

Install with Bower

bower install bug

Install with NPM

npm install bug


Here is an example of the usage of bug. Let's say we were to write a widget that operates on a DOM element and wants to handle click events on that element:

function Widget(elm){
  this.elm = elm
  Bug.attach(this) // attach all event handlers 
                   // defined, see below

Widget.prototype = {
  // the following event handler will handle all
  // "click" events to the DOM element in the "elm"
  // property
  "elm:click": function(e){
    console.log('elm was clicked!')
  destroy: function(){
    Bug.detach(this) // detaches all event handlers in the
                     // specified format


Bug has 2 methods:

  • attach() - attachs all event handlers specified (see below) and
  • detach() - detaches all of them.

The event handlers in your object are specified by naming the property in the format <property>:<event>. For example, the following event handler will attach to the click event of the object stored in the elm property of the object.

"button:click": function(e){
  console.log('You click me! You really click me!')

The button property can have the value of one of three kinds of objects

  1. a raw DOM element
  2. an object with an on(event, callback) method and an off(event, callback) method, as is the case with jQuery wrapped objects and Backbone models
  3. an object with an on(event, callback) method and a removeListener(event, callback) method, as is the case with Node event emitters

Browser Support

Tested on IE 7.0+ and Chrome, should work on all modern browsers.