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The command-line bootstrapper for Buddy


The buddy-cli allows local versions of the buddy command to be run directly from the command line without any additional setup. This allows different versions of the buddy tool to be run from different projects, without any conflict.

# If necessary, first uninstall your existing buddy global install
$ npm -g uninstall buddy
$ npm -g install buddy-cli
  Usage: buddy [options] <command> [configpath]
    build [configpath]   build js, css, html, and image sources
    watch [configpath]   watch js, css, html, and image source files and build changes
    deploy [configpath]  build compressed js, css, html, and image sources
    -h, --help            output usage information
    -V, --version         output the version number
    -c, --compress        compress output for production deployment
    -g, --grep <pattern>  only run build targets matching <pattern>
    -i, --invert          inverts grep matches
    --input               input file/directory for simple config-free build
    --output              output file/directory for simple config-free build
    -r, --reload          reload all connected live-reload clients on file change during watch
    -s, --serve           create (or launch) a webserver to serve files during watch
    -S, --script          run script on build completion
    --debug               print all messages for debugging

Once installed, run buddy as described here