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Bucket Copy

Copy Amazon S3 bucket objects to another bucket.


npm install bucket-copy --save


var BucketCopy = require('bucket-copy');
var bucketCopy = BucketCopy.connect({
  key: 's3-key',
  secret: 's3-secret',
  srcBucket: 'name-of-the-s3-bucket',
  destBucket: 'name-of-the-s3-bucket'
// Copy the object(s) 
bucketCopy('some_dirctory_in_a_bucket', function (err) {
  // All done and copied, unless you messed up 
// OR 
bucketCopy('some_dirctory_in_a_bucket', 'new_bucket_directory_prefix', function (err) {
  // All done and copied, unless you messed up 

The directory prefix allows you to put the entire set of copied objects into a new root object when they are copied to the new bucket.