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Social mass texting.

$ npm install -g bttrfly

$ bttrfly --help

  Usage: bttrfly [options]


    -h, --help            output usage information
    -V, --version         output the version number
    -u, --user <txt>      Google Voice email address.
    -p, --pass <txt>      Google Voice password.
    -t, --tokens <obj>    JSON object of Google Voice auth tokens.
    -c, --contacts <arr>  JSON array of objects of contacts to text.
    -m, --message <str>   JSON string message to text.
    -d, --dry             Log texts instead of sending them.

    Pipe JSON to populate any of the properties. Options take precedence.


    user: Email address you sign in to Google Voice with.
    pass: Password you sign in to Google Voice with.
          If 2-step verification is on, use an application-specific password.
    tokens: Optional Google Voice auth tokens. Logged after texts are sent.
    contacts: List of contacts. Meaningful keys: phone, skip.
    message: Text to send. #{keys} are replaced with data from contacts.


    $ bttrfly -u -p foobar -c '[...]' -m '"Hello world!"'
    $ cat contacts.json | bttrfly -p foobar -m '"Hey #{fname}! Sup?"'

  API: require("bttrfly")(options, onsend(err, contact), ondone(err, tokens));

  Warning: Use at your own risk. ;)

© 2013 Teddy Cross, shared under the MIT License.