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    Node.js API wrapper to BTC China exchange

    A node.js wrapper for the Trading and Market APIs exposed by bitcoin exchange BTC China. You will need have a registered account with BTC China and generated API keys to access the private methods.

    Please contact if you are having trouble opening and account or generating an API key.


    npm install btc-china

    Design Principles

    • thin the client is just a simple wrapper to the BTCChina API. There is no parameter validation as this is delegated to the API server. Similarly, there is no data transformation.
    • errors all errors are returned as detailed Error objects which can be used programatically or logged for support
    • no retries it's up to the calling program to handle retries as it'll vary between programs. For example, error handling timeouts on mutable API calls like addTrade and cancelOrder is not as simple as retying the API call as the operation my have been successful on the exchange but the response back was not.

    Error handling

    The first parameter to each API function is a callback function which is passed error and data objects.

    The error object is an instance of VError which is an extension of the standard Error object. The three main properties are:

    • message a description of the error with all the available information so problems in production can be diagnosed. For example the url, http request method, parameters, error codes and messages
    • name the HTTP or BTCC error code so specific errors can be programatically detected. For example, 503 if you are sending too many requests per second or 32004 if there is not enough BTC funds to add an order
    • cause the underlying error object. eg the error object from a failed request or json parse. Note there will be no cause error for OKCoin errors


    var BTCChina = require('btc-china');
    // Test public data APIs
    var publicClient = new BTCChina();
    publicClient.getTicker(console.log, 'BTCCNY');
    publicClient.getOrderBook(console.log, 'BTCCNY');
    // get 2 trades since 1 minute ago
    var since1Minute = new Date().getTime() / 1000 -  60;
    //publicClient.getHistoryData(console.log, {limit: 2, since: since1Minute, sincetype: 'time' });
    // WARNING never commit your API keys into a public repository.
    var key = 'your-api-key';
    var secret = 'your-api-secret';
    var privateClient = new BTCChina(key, secret);
    privateClient.getAccountInfo(console.log, 'all');
    // add limit orders
    privateClient.createOrder2(console.log, 'buy', 999, 0.0001, 'BTCCNY');
    privateClient.createOrder2(console.log, 'sell', 8888, 0.0002, 'BTCCNY');
    // add market order
    privateClient.createOrder2(console.log, 'buy', null, 0.0001, 'BTCCNY');
    // cancel an order
    privateClient.cancelOrder(console.log, 1);
    // get your open orders

    Please see exmaples.js for more examples


    npm i btc-china-fork

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