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JSPM plugin for Brygga. This plugin provides support for working with JavaScript using JSPM for bundling and package management. This plugin currently supports JSPM 0.17 which is considered beta.


First setup Brygga for your project.

Install the plugin and JSPM:

npm install --save-dev jspm@beta brygga-jspm

If you do not have JSPM on your system install it globally as well:

npm install -g jspm@beta

Setup JSPM via jspm init using the following settings:

  • Init Mode (Quick, Standard, Custom) [Quick]: Quick
  • Local package name (recommended, optional): name-of-your-app-or-package
  • package.json directories.lib [src]: js
  • System.config browser baseURL (optional): /src
  • System.config local package main [app.js]: your-main-file.js

Brygga needs to know which bundles to build via JSPM which can be set in gulpfile.js. For example to build a file named main.js from the file src/js/main.js:

brygga.config.js.bundles = {
    'your-main-file.js': 'name-of-your-app-or-package/your-main-file'

Link to any bundle in your HTML via /js/name-of-bundle.js, during development this will bootstrap JSPM and SystemJS and load all your sources individually.


src/ - the source files
  js/ - JS files
    main.js - your entry point, configure this via brygga.config.js.bundles
jspm_packages - packages installed via JSPM, you can add this folder to .gitignore
jspm.browser.js - configuration used in the browser
jspm.config.js - shared JSPM configuration

Available tasks

Task: js Config:

// JS is stored in the subfolder `js` 
brygga.config.js.root = 'js';
// Bunldes to build, empty by default 
brygga.config.js.bundles = {};