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    Canopy's browsers list config. Use this in conjunction with @babel/preset-env to compile your code down to the correct browser targets. Babel's preset-env uses browserslist underneath the hood to determine what target to compile your code down to.


    • This is for the end user app and the config includes safari, chrome, firefox, and edge.
    • This should not be used in the SME tool since that doesn't have to support old, crappy browsers.
    • You must use @babel/preset-env in order for this to work. babel-preset-env won't work because it uses an old version of browserslist that doesn't support inheriting configs. This means you have to be using babel 7 or greater.
    • See this file to see which browsers are supported.
    • The snapshot test shows exactly which browsers were captured by the config the last time we updated the browserslist library. Since our browser versions are a moving target that changes over time, the only way that the browsers support is updated is by updating the browserslist library in this repo.


    In your package.json, create a browserslist property that extends the canopy config. Read here for more details.

      "browserslist": [
        "extends browserslist-config-canopy"

    In your .babelrc, add 'babel-preset-env'. You do not need to add any config options to it in here because babel-preset-env uses browserslist which already looks at your package.json's "browserslist" config by default.

      presets: ['@babel/preset-env']

    If you use css-loader, you may have issues where it uses an older version of browserslist that doesn't support inheriting configs. If so, please upgrade css-loader to at least version 1.0.0.




    npm i browserslist-config-canopy

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