browserify v2 middleware for express

Basically just brings back the features that were originally in browserify v1

This is how you use it in an Express project.

var browserify = require('browserify');
var browser_express = require('browserify-express');
var bundle = browserify_express({
    entry: __dirname + '/app/js/entry.js',
    watch: __dirname + '/app/js/',
    mount: '/js/myapp.js',
    verbose: true,
    minify: true

In this example:

  • watch for changes to files in the directory defined in watch, this can also just watch a single file.
  • make the bundle accessible at '/js/myapp.js'
  • minify the bundle using uglify-js2
  • print messages to the console to show re-bundling and times

This is supported by default however all your require()'s must include the .coffee extensions, it will not pick it up by default.

e.g. require('../views/')