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Recursively crawl and scan directories, browserifying/watchifying multiple main files into an output directory


Recursively crawl through all your JS directories, finding all the main files, and compiling them and outputting them into another directory, preserving the original directory structure. Useful for multi-page apps with different main javascript files to load per-page. Uses watchify and errorify built-in.

PostCSS analog is: postcss-crawl.

const crawl = require('browserify-crawl')
const browserifyOptions = {
  transform: ['babelify']
const crawlOptions = {
  input: 'source/js'
, output: 'dist/js'
crawl(crawlOptions, browserifyOptions)

Browserify option are the same as those found in the browserify api docs

Crawl options (the first set of options), can include:

  • log: Boolean - whether to print info about the build process (defaults to true)
  • watch: Boolean - whether to watch for file changes and continuously compile files, or to build one-time and exit (defaults to true)
  • input: String - directory path of the source javascript files you want to compile (required)
  • output: String - directory path that you want to put built output files into (required)
  • mainFile: String - filename you want to use for the page/index/parent/main files (defaults to 'page.js')