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This library is our "ideal build script" wrapped up into a module. It supports all of the following:

  • Crawls a tree of directories, finds all your main-files
  • Bundles them with Browserify using any transforms/plugins (uses errorify)
  • Creates an external source map with exorcist
  • Can optionally uglify the result (+ sourcemap)
  • Can optionally gzip the result
  • Can optionally use watchify to hang and watch for changes on any file

There is a PostCSS analog here: postcss-crawl.

crawl(options, browserifyOptions)

The options object can have these properties:

  • input: path of the input directory containing all your mainfiles (which may be in nested directories). Required.
  • output: path of your output directory, typically public/js, dist, etc. Required.
  • indexName: name of the main-file(s) that you want to get bundle. Defaults to page.js
  • log: Boolean whether to print log messages. Defaults to true
  • watch: Boolean whether to use watchify and watch for changes to files. Defaults to false
  • sourceMapUrl: Url prefix that will be used to access sourcemaps. Defaults to the output path
  • uglify: Whether to uglify your code after browserifying it. Defaults to false
  • gzip: Whether to gzip your code (will save to output/filename.js.gz). Defaults to false.

The second parameter, browserifyOptions, takes the options from the browserify api, such as transform.

const crawl = require('browserify-crawl')
const browserifyOptions = {
  transform: 'es2040'
const crawlOptions = {
  input: 'source/js'
, output: 'dist/js'
, gzip: true
, uglify: true
, watch: false
, sourceMapUrl: '/js'
crawl(crawlOptions, browserifyOptions)