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browserify-count-modules Build Status JavaScript Style Guide

Count the total number of modules in a Browserify bundle.

npm install -g browserify-count-modules

CLI Usage

browserify path/to/module/root | bcm

This will output the total number of modules as an integer.


Let's say you have three JavaScript files:

// a.js 
module.exports = 'a'
// b.js 
module.exports = 'b'
// index.js 
module.exports = require('./a') + require('./b')

Now count the modules:

$ browserify ./index.js | bcm

In this example, there are three modules: index.js, a.js, b.js.

Note that "modules" includes both first-party and third-party modules. So for instance, if you have one npm dependency, and that dependency has 5 modules, then its 5 modules will be added to your total module count. This also applies to implicit Browserify dependencies, such as Buffer (which resolves to feross/buffer).

This tool correctly handles --standalone, factor-bundle, bundle-collapser, and minified bundles as well. Just pass in any Browserify bundle and it'll work.

Verbose mode

If you are able to browserify --full-paths, then you can use --verbose to get a full list of modules in the bundle:

browserify --full-paths path/to/module/root | bcm --verbose

This prints out something like:

Total number of modules: 3
 - /Users/me/project/a.js
 - /Users/me/project/b.js
 - /Users/me/project/index.js 

Note that this only works with --full-paths.

JavaScript API

Via the JavaScript API, you can get the total count of modules for a given JavaScript bundle by passing it in as a string. The count you get back will be an integer.

var browserifyCountModules = require('browserify-count-modules')
var jsFile = readFileSync('./my-bundle.js', 'utf8')
browserifyCountModules(jsFile, function (err, count) {
  if (err) {
    return 'oh no an error'
  console.log('here is the count', count)

You can also get the list of dedup'ed and sorted modules by passing in {verbose: true}:

var browserifyCountModules = require('browserify-count-modules')
var jsFile = readFileSync('./my-bundle.js', 'utf8')
browserifyCountModules(jsFile, {verbose: true}, function (err, modules) {
  if (err) {
    return 'oh no an error'
  console.log('here are the modules', modules)