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Brow Route

A simple hash based router for modern web applications

Usage example:

var router = new BrowRoute.Router()
router.on("books/:book_id/chapters/:chapter_id(/:action)", function(book_id, chapter_id, action, options) {
    Application.Run(BookChapterController, book_id, chapter_id, action, options);

You can then visit this route by going to:

And the parameters passed into the handler would be: 1,12,’show-summary’,{language: “dutch”}


You can develop on this project by first installing it like:

npm install

Then you can compile and watch the project by running:

gulp watch

And then you can run the test environment like:

karma start

And you’re ready to rock! Let me know if you’ve got some nice features or fixes. I want to keep the project nice and clean but perhaps there’s some room for improvements or handy features. I’ll respond to PR’s quickly.


A bunch of the routing logic was inspired on the codebase of director.js