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Require that returns different values in the browser than node and avoids the node module being browserified.

Require that returns different values in browsers than node.js and tricks browserify out of bundling the required node module.

Takes a named identifier for a module identical to node's require. In node.js the return value is always identical to node's require.

If no browserValue is given an empty object will be returned in the browser. If a string is given then window[browserValue] will be returned. If an object is passed then it will be returned.

var broquire = require('broquire')(require)
var utilities = broquire('./utils')
if (!utilities.cleanup) utilities.cleanup = function () {}
var broquire = require('broquire')(require)
var utilities = broquire('./utils', {cleanup:function () {}})
var broquire = require('broquire')(require)
var eioClient = broquire('', 'eio')

Why do I need to pass require in to this function?

Every time node executes a file it give it a version of require that will resolve modules relative to that file and directory. Passing your require to broquire allows it to import node modules exactly as you would with a regular require statement.