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Broke is just a layer for, to make your tests a little bit nicer. So you can define your own process phases and custom assertions, that make your tests smarter. Configure your test cases and decide how often a test have to repeat, when a test have to time out and so on.

Further there is a custom processor given to test requests easily.

More information about testing in vows style at


Install broke locally to get "var broke = require('broke')" to work. Install it globally to make the test runner working and you can do "broke example_test.js --spec".

$ npm install broke
$ sudo npm install broke -g


For better documentation and usage look for the examples. They are well commented. "examples/example_test.js" shows you how it works. So you can do this:

$ broke node_modules/broke/examples/example_test.js --spec


Broke is well tested with vowsjs. Dont be suprised about many error loggings. If the result says something like "✓ OK » 37 honored (0.127s)", everything is fine.

$ broke node_modules/broke/tests/cases/* --spec

Questions and suggestions?

Send me a message on github.