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Command line runner for Brofist.


An convenient command line runner for Brofist.

Just give brofist one or more spec files and we'll run those tests away, bro:

$ brofist tests/specs/foo.js tests/specs/bar.js

You can change the reporter being used with the --reporter option, check 'em brofist list to get a list of available reporters.

brofist --- runner for Brofist tests

  brofist [options] <files...>
  brofist list
  brofist -h, --help
  brofist --version

  -r, --reporter <module>   Reporter module to use. [default: brofist-minimal]
  -f, --filter <regexp>     Only runs tests that match the regexp.
  -t, --timeout <ms>        Timeout for asynchronous tests, in milliseconds.
  -s, --slow <ms>           Slow threshold, in milliseconds.
  -h, --help                Displays usage help and exits.
  --version                 Displays version number and exits.

Grab it from NPM:

$ npm install -g brofist-cli

MIT/X11. Do whatever you want.