Libsass-based Sass compiler for Broccoli


The broccoli-sass plugin compiles .scss and .sass files with libsass.

npm install --save-dev broccoli-sass
var compileSass = require('broccoli-sass');
var outputTree = compileSass(inputTrees, inputFile, outputFile, options);
  • inputTrees: An array of trees that act as the include paths for libsass. If you have a single tree, pass [tree].

  • inputFile: Relative path of the main .scss or .sass file to compile. Broccoli-sass expects to find this file in the first input tree (inputTrees[0]).

  • outputFile: Relative path of the output CSS file.

  • options: A hash of options for libsass. Supported options are imagePath, outputStyle, precision, and sourceComments.

var appCss = compileSass(['styles', 'vendor'], 'myapp/app.scss', 'assets/app.css');