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Broccoli JSHint

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Run JSHint on the provided node.


var JSHinter = require('broccoli-jshint');
// Assuming someNode contains .js files
var node = new JSHinter(someNode);


new JSHinter(inputNode, options)

options.jshintrcRoot {String}

Will look in the root of the provided node for a .jshintrc. If you would prefer to use another specific root for looking up your JSHint config, supply this option.

Default: input node root

options.jshintrcPath {String}

Specify the path to the .jshintrc that you would like to use. Use this option if you would like to use a .jshintrc file from a path that is not in the same hierarchy as your input node (if it is use the .jshintrcRoot).

Default: undefined

options.log {true|false}

Should we log errors to the console?

Default: true

options.disableTestGenerator {true|false}

If true tests will not be generated.

Default: false

options.testGenerator {Function}

The function used to generate test modules. You can provide a custom function for your client side testing framework of choice.

The function receives the following arguments:

  • relativePath - The relative path to the file being tested.
  • errors - A generated string of errors found.

Default generates QUnit style tests:

var path = require('path');
function(relativePath, errors) {
  return "module('" + path.dirname(relativePath) + '");";
         "test('" + relativePath + "' should pass jshint', function() { " +
         "  ok(passed, moduleName+" should pass jshint."+(errors ? "\n"+errors : '')); " +

options.console {Object}

Allows you to provide a custom console object. This is useful if you have to supress console output in CI for example.

Default: console

options.annotation {String}

A human-readable description for this plugin instance.

Default: undefined

ZOMG!!! TESTS?!?!!?

I know, right?

Running the tests:

npm install
npm test


This project is distributed under the MIT license.

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