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ES6 transpiler and concatenator for Broccoli


Transpile ES6 modules and concatenate them, recursively including modules referenced by import statements.

This plugin is deprecated. It uses an old version of es6-module-transpiler. The es6-module-transpiler has since been rewritten in order to correctly reflect ES6 module semantics. There is no hope to update broccoli-es6-concatenator to the new es6-module-transpiler API. Somebody will have to write a new plugin from scratch that works with the new es6-module-transpiler.


npm install --save-dev broccoli-es6-concatenator


Note: The API will change in subsequent 0.x versions.

var compileES6 = require('broccoli-es6-concatenator');
var applicationJs = compileES6(sourceTree, {
  loaderFile: 'loader.js',
  ignoredModules: [
  inputFiles: [
  legacyFilesToAppend: [
  wrapInEval: true,
  outputFile: '/assets/application.js'


  • .wrapInEval (boolean): Enable or disable wrapping each module in an eval call with a //# sourceURL comment. Defaults to true, though this may change in the future.

  • .loaderFile (string): When specified prepends the contents of loaderFile.