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Author your library in ES6 modules and distribute in everything under the sun:

  • cjs
  • amd
  • amd, named & concatenated
  • globals, concatenated


$ npm install broccoli-dist-es6-module

Usage: Sample Brocfile.js

var dist = require('broccoli-dist-es6-module');
module.exports = dist('lib', {
  // the entry script, and module that becomes the global 
  main: 'main',
  // will become window.ic.ajax with the exports from `main` 
  global: 'ic.ajax',
  // the prefix for named-amd modules 
  packageName: 'ic-ajax',
  // global output only: naive shimming, when the id 'ember' is imported, 
  // substitute with `window.Ember` instead 
  shim: {
    'ember': 'Ember'

And then run broccoli:

$ broccoli build dist

Open up dist to see the results.


  • main - the entry script to your package, determines which module exports to your global namespace, also the package that is returned in AMD with require(['your-package-name'])

  • packageName - named-amd, the name of your package require(['your-package-name']);

  • global - globals: the global to attach your main module to

  • shim - globals: map import string ids to objects on window, see usage above or the examples


  • This uses the compatFix option of the es6-module-transpiler which is not necessarily future proof (but without it we couldn't import jQuery from 'jquery').

  • The shimming is really hacky, but its working.