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A command line interface to brightcontext


# install the "bcc" command globaly
npm install -g brightcontext-cli


STDIN -> BrightContext

# to a ThruChannel using default subchannel
cat package.json | bcc --apikey=$bcc_api_key --project=$bcc_project_name  --inputchannel=$bcc_input_channel_name

# to a QuantChannel Input or custom ThruChannel Subchannel
cat package.json | bcc --apikey=$bcc_api_key --project=$bcc_project_name  --inputchannel=$bcc_input_channel_name --inputname=$bcc_input_name

BrightContext -> STDOUT

# from a ThruChannel on the default subchannel
bcc --apikey=$bcc_api_key --project=$bcc_project_name  --outputchannel=$bcc_output_channel_name

# from a QuantChannel Output or custom ThruChannel Subchannel
bcc --apikey=$bcc_api_key --project=$bcc_project_name  --outputchannel=$bcc_output_channel_name --outputname=$bcc_output_name

Testing (STDIN -> STDOUT)

# show what will be sent, but don't actually send it
cat package.json | bcc --dryrun


  • Must be valid json that will pass through node native JSON.parse()
  • If any feed errors occur, the process will exit with code 13