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A wrapper for Brewerydb's REST api


Only very recently published: should be considered alpha!
This is somewhat tested, and somewhat finished. It does not completely wrap BreweryDB’s REST api (notably all POST/edit actions on the db are unimplemented), but it does what I need it to do right now - get data from the db. I based my interface off the one Tyler Hunt made his wrapper written in Ruby.

You should install this library with npm:

npm install brewerydb-node
var BreweryDb = require('brewerydb-node');
var brewdb = new BreweryDb('your-key-here');

Callbacks should should take two arguments, err, and data, as per convention

beer.getById(id/Array of ids, params (see options in BreweryDb Api docs), callback)

// /beer/:beerId"avMkil", {}, callback);      

// /beers?ids=["avMkil", "XcvLTe"], { withBreweries: "Y" }, callback);     

// /beers?name=“bock”&abv=....
// can provide params that beers endpoint accepts (like abv, ibu, etc.){ name:"bock" }, callback)
brewdb.breweries.getById("g0jHqt", {}, callback);
brewdb.breweries.getById(["g0jHqt", {}, "MWi5Kp"], callback)
brewdb.breweries.find( { established: 2010 }, callback) { q: "coors" }, callback);{ q: "dogfish" }, callback);{ q: "dogfish" }, callback);	
brewdb.category.getById(1, callback);;,callback)
  1. Write better tests?
  2. Implement glassware
  3. Write better docs