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The easiest way to remove unneeded branches in your GitHub repos.


npm install --global branch-remover


⚠️ Disclaimer: Using this tool, you are aware that you may lose important data and fully accept responsibility for this.

⚠️ Always carefully check your options and always test program execution with the --test option.

branch-remover --github.owner %owner% --github.repo %repo% --github.token %token% --ignore "^(master|main)$"

Use your access options instead %owner%, %repo%, and %token%.

%owner% and %repo% you can found in URL of your repository:
                   ^^^^^^^^  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
                   owner     repo

For %token% check the following page:

You can also use a separate JSON file with access parameters. For example:



You can specify the path to this file using the github.auth parameter:

branch-remover --github.auth ./my-project.json --ignore "^(master|main)$"



Allows specifying a shell command to execute after the branch is removed.

You can use the {branch} marker to get the name of the removed branch.

The following example shows a command that writes the name of the removed branch to a file:

branch-remover --github.auth ./my-project.json --after echo "{branch} >> ./removed-branches.log"


Allows specifying a shell command that will be executed before removing a branch.

You can use the {branch} marker to get the name of the removed branch.

If the result of the command execution is the string "0" or "false", then removing will be prevented.

The following example shows creating a backup of a branch before removing:

branch-remover --github.auth ./my-project.json --before "git -c credential.helper= -c core.quotepath=false -c log.showSignature=false fetch origin {branch}:{branch} --recurse-submodules=no"


Allows specifying caching options. Caching is implemented in the file system.

You can specify the file path and cache time-to-live.

branch-remover --github.auth ./my-project.json --cache "./.branch-remover.cache timeout=600"

./.branch-remover.cache - is the default path to the cache file. It is optional to specify it.

timeout - time-to-live time in seconds. Default: 0 - without caching.

The following example shows caching enabled for 7 days (7 days * 24 hours * 60 minutes * 60 seconds = 604800 seconds):

branch-remover --github.auth ./my-project.json --cache "timeout=604800"


Path to custom js-file containing branch processing parameters.

Simple example config file.


Enables the display of debugging information.


Enables the display of detailed information about each branch.

By default, detailed information is only displayed for branches that will be removed.


The path to the JSON file that contains the repository access parameters.

Required only for provider "github", when the access parameters are not specified separately.


Username or organization name on GitHub. For example: sfm-tools.

Required only for provider "github", when --github.auth is not specified.


Repository name on GitHub. For example: branch-remover.

Required only for provider "github", when --github.auth is not specified.


GitHub access token -

Required only for provider "github", when --github.auth is not specified.


Displays help information.

You can see additional information for each individual option: branch-remover --help %parameterName%.

For example:

  • branch-remover --help help
  • branch-remover --help github.auth


A regex pattern that allows specifying branches to ignore.

For example, ignore master and main branches:

branch-remover --github.auth ./my-project.json --ignore "^(master|main)$"


Allows specifying the time elapsed since the merge.

For example: 2 years (or 2y), 6 months, 5 days (or 5d), 2 hours (or 2h), 30 minutes (or 30m), etc.

Default: all (all merged branches).

NOTE: Please use quotation marks if the option value contains a space. For example:

branch-remover --github.auth ./my-project.json --merged "2 months"


Specifies the provider name. Expected values: github (default).


The presence of this option disables the confirmation request to remove branches.

Matching branches will be removed immediately. Be careful when using this option!


Allows specifying the time after which the unmerged branch can be considered obsolete since the last update.

This option is similar to --merged.


Test mode, automatic removing branches is disabled. Use this option to test your configuration.


Displays the version number of the application.


The default answer to a delete confirmation is YES (default - NO).

Does not work with --quiet.



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