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Node JS library interfacing Raspberry Pi with BrainyAnt platform. Use this to build your own robot and code the funcionality you desire.

System Requirements

Hardware: Raspberry Pi 3 Operating System: Raspian Stretch

Install dependencies:

Node JS

curl -sL | sudo -E bash -
sudo apt-get install -y nodejs

ffmpeg - if you have an onboard camera

sudo apt-get install ffmpeg


Browse to and add a new robot. You can see it listed in "My Robots" list. Connect to a raspberry pi and connect to your account in Go to the newly added robot and press "Download Auth File" button. This will save auth.json that contains your robot credentials that will be used to communicate with the platform. Save it on the disk in a separate folder and open the console in that folder.

$ npm install brainyant-rpi

In the same folder you can now start writing code to do whatever you want with your device based on the controls got from the user.

var brain = require("brainyant-rpi");
brain = new brain.Brain();
  // command is a JSON Object with the structure:
  // command {
  //   fwd:   <forward-command>; // 0-100
  //   back:  <back-command>;    // 0-100
  //   left:  <left-command>;    // 0-100
  //   right: <right-command>;   // 0-100
  // }
  // Your code goes here
  // ...