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    • A beautiful showpiece of fully asynchronous non-blocking system program
    • A versatile and idempotent API design runs safely from anywhere on the system
    • Uses extensible design which incorporates the module system to create a plugin platform
    • Operates as a program from the command line or an import script
    • Uses AMD (asynchronous module definition), syntax
    • Well commented, thoroughly unit tested and professionally engineered
    • Tested for Linux and/or Windows environments


    • Only works with git repositories
    • Requires nodejs version 6 or greater

    What it is

    Brace Document serves as a platform to generate/modify document pages without using special syntax.

    It does this by creating a structure object which is representative of the document pages hierarchy. It also creates a data object which contains the individual document page content and meta data. These objects (structure and data), are then passed to available plugins to be modified before returning back to be used with writing out the new document pages.


    The API can be safely used redundantly.

    Lets face facts here: plugins may need to re-call API members in order to effectively contribute to the program. Never fear, the API is designed to be repeatedly called without concern of the program final outcome.


    All of the API members within the Brace document can be called any of the module API members to generate different results.

    For example: document_parse.createStructure can be called again in any of the plugin calls with the optional directory parameter to create a copy of the documents directory structure without altering the initial outcome expectations of the program run through.

    Brace Document eats its own dog food.

    Fruition of pragmatic software like Brace Document happens right here.

    These documents are autogenerated via Brace Document and its' supporting plugins. Ironically, if this project was unnecessary, these documents would not be here to state it :).


    npm i brace_document

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