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br-jquery is a node.js module for including jQuery in browserify. It is currently jQuery 1.7.2.


This is published on npm as br-jquery. You can install it with npm install br-jquery.

The simplest way is to require the module in the call to create the bundle:

var js = require('browserify')({require: {jquery: 'br-jquery'}}).bundle();

This module follows the browserify convention of using require(), and uses jQuery.noConflict(). To use the jQuery module from the browser, use something like var $ = require('jquery');


To run the example:

cd example
npm install
npm start


To verify that this contains the original jQuery source with a simple wrapper around it, read and run node build.js, and check that the files haven't changed.

minifed version

to include the minified version, use a middleware:

var browserify = require('browserify'),
    jq = require('br-jquery');
var bundle = browserify();
bundle.use(jq.min); // or jq to bundle the non-minified version 
var js = bundle.bundle();

note that browserify can minify files for you, so you may not want to use the minified version supplied here, even if the end result will be minified.

old version

to include 1.6.4, do this:

var browserify = require('browserify'),
    jq = require('br-jquery');
var bundle = browserify();
bundle.use(jq({version: '1.6.4'})); // or {version: '1.6.4', min: true} 
var js = bundle.bundle();



To the extent possible under law, I, Ben Atkin, have waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to this work.