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The publishing sub-command used by brainpm/bpm.


  • move all github-specific code here
    • from CLI which still gets its TOC eigenmächtig
    • from web-player
  • rename to bpm-github
  • unpublish
  • clean up publish module
  • repair bpm sub-commands (play, walk, ...)
  • bpm toc should display all meaningful meta-data
  • tell debundler to use new bpm-github API
  • implement new (de)bundler API
    • getMetaData(retrievalObject)
    • getContent(retrievalObject)

Use case web-player:

webplayer on init needs TOC storageAdaper.egtRetrievalStream() returns stream of retrieval objects (name, getFileStream)

webplayer plugs retrieval stream into debundler.getMetaData
        // bundler does
        return JSON.parse(retrievalObject.getFileStream('paackage.json'))

if an episode needs to be displayed, player requests content from debundler bundler.getContent(getFileStream) returns DocumentFragment (HTML with JS handlers already attached)