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Welcome to bPanel!

This is the official repo for the bPanel project, a full featured, enterprise level GUI for your Bcoin Bitcoin node.


  • npm >= 5.7.1
  • node >= 8.9.4

NOTE: It is important to be using at least this version of npm because of a bug that removes node_modules that are installed from GitHub and doesn't reinstall them which breaks the build

Application Architecture

The standard docker-compose.yml file brings up multiple containers

  • bPanel routing + static file server
  • bcoin bitcoin node/wallet
  • TLS terminating reverse proxy

Some plugins require TLS to function properly

Setup Your Environment With Docker

This is primarily a setup for development purposes (though it could be used in production with some modification).

To spin up your webapp, reverse-proxy, server, a bcoin node on regtest, and generate 50 regtest BTC for your primary wallet, clone & navigate to this repo then:

  1. Run npm install to create a secrets.env file.
  2. Run docker-compose up -d to start everything.
  3. Navigate to localhost:5000 to see your webapp.
  4. Or navigate to https://localhost to use TLS - you will have to choose to trust the certificate

Requests to /node will get forwarded to your bcoin node.

For local development, you run just the bcoin docker container (docker-compose up -d bcoin) and then npm run start:dev (or npm run start:poll for Mac since webpack's watch behaves strangely on mac sometimes) to run the app and app server from your local box.

Updating Plugins

bPanel comes pre-installed with a default theme called Genesis Theme, that bundles together a set of useful starter plugins and a custom theme called bMenace. If you want, you can disable the Genesis Theme by removing it from the list in pluginsConfig.js, but if you want to keep using some of the plugins from the theme, feel free to add them individually to your config!

To install plugins, simply add the name as a string to the plugins array in pluginsConfig.js. Make sure to match the name to the package name on npm (localPlugins can be used for plugins you are developing in the plugins/local directory). Once you save the file, bPanel will automatically install the plugins and rebuild.

Note that if you have some plugins or themes being loaded, this can take around 30 seconds as npm install is run for you.

Customizing Your Docker Environment

There are three docker services in the compose file: app, bcoin and securityc. The app service acts as a static file server and as a request router to backend services. The bcoin service is an instance of bcoin that supports an http server, a wallet server and a bitcoin p2p server. The securityc service generates TLS keys and certs and runs a TLS terminating reverse proxy. You can use custom configs to connect to an existing node, or use the bcoin docker service to spin up a bcoin node that the webapp will connect to.


Configurations are shared between the two docker containers using ENV files.

Your bcoin node will expect an API key given to it. If you are connecting to an existing node, you can set an API key by adding it to the secrets.env file and set BCOIN_API_KEY=[YOUR-AWESOME-KEY]. This key can be any value you want (but if you are running a node with real Bitcoins, make sure it's secure!). NOTE: DO NOT CHECK THIS FILE IN TO VERSION CONTROL.

If you run npm install and there is no secrets.env present, one will automatically be generated for you with a cryptographically secure api key.

The configs are managed through environment variables set in a bcoin.env file (this is not ignored by git, so make sure to only put sensitive information in the secrets.env file). These get used by both the app and bcoin containers. NOTE: runtime environment vars will override the values set in the env files.

If you want to connect to an existing node on a remote server, update the environment configs to point to your remote node. To deploy in a docker container run:

$ docker-compose up app

Otherwise, for local development, run

$ npm run start:poll

(For Linux you can run npm run start:dev instead)

If you want to stop any of the containers, you can run the command:

$ docker-compose stop [SERVICE_NAME]

This is useful if you do not want to develop with all of the services running.

Bcoin Setup Scripts

Setup scripts are also supported. This will allow you to run scripts on your node for a repeatable and predictable environment for testing or development.

Three circumstances need to be met to run a script:

  1. There needs to be a js file to run in the scripts directory that exports a function to run
  2. You need to pass the name of this file (including the extension) as an environment variable named BCOIN_INIT_SCRIPT in the docker-compose
  3. There should be no walletdb in the container. This makes sure that a setup script doesn't overwrite your data if you're mapping volumes or if you restart a container.

These checks are done in the docker-bcoin-init.js which sets up a node based on the configs described above. Setup scripts will also be passed the bcoin node object that has been created.

Persistent DBs

By default, the bcoin and wallet DBs persist in ~/.bcoin_bpanel. If you want docker to start bcoin with a fresh DB, comment out the .bcoin volume in docker-compose.yml then run docker-compose up -d.

Building images

Uncomment the relevant build: sections in docker-compose.yml for the services you want to build, then run docker-compose build

Extending bPanel

The bPanel UI is built entirely around plugins. All visual elements can be extended or overridden via the plugin system including the header, footer, sidebar, and main panel/view element. To get started making your own plugin, use the bPanel-cli

Server extensions

The simplest thing to do, is to create your own server file that includes server/index.js.

const bpanel = require('bpanel')({
  network: 'main', // Put bPanel configs here (optional)
const app = require('express')();
app.use( /* Put your own middleware here */ );
app.use( bpanel.app );
app.listen( 5000 );


  • Copyright (c) 2018, The bPanel Devs (MIT License).


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