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    ##Description bp-Address-Auto-Complete-Wrapper is the main wrapper directive, that displays the output from the core directive on every user input (‘Please fill in a house number …’) Used combined with bp-address-auto-complete-core


    • Simply copy the files found in the dist folders of the vendor module bp-address-auto-complete-wrapper and include them into the page.
      The files to copy are bp-address-auto-complete-wrapper.js and bp-address-auto-complete-wrapper.css.
      For conveniency they can be copied into distinct folders.
    • As an example the bp-address-auto-complete-demo-page-extern module is provided.

    Api keys

    The autocomplete and validateAddress urls will need API keys. i.e, A http request header called x-api-key needs to be added in the http request. apiKey is added as a scope variable for directive bp-address-auto-complete and bp-address-validator. Please request to generate a API key for your application.


    You may download the latest release with the full code from all three modules from github or you may run npm install bp-address-auto-complete-wrapper.

    Setup development environment and deployment via grunt

    1. Install node and npm
    2. Install Grunt running npm install -g grunt-cli
    3. Install Bower running npm install -g bower
    4. Install local environment on bp-address-auto-complete, bp-address-auto-complete-wrapper and bp-address-auto-complete-demo-page-extern modules as follows:

    On command prompt cd to the current directory of each module and run `npm install --save-dev package_name` where ***package_name*** will be the following:
    `grunt@0.4.1`, `load-grunt-tasks@0.2.0`, `grunt-angular-templates@0.5.7`, `grunt-available-tasks@0.4.2`, `grunt-bower-task@0.3.4`, `grunt-browser-sync@0.9.1`, `grunt-contrib-clean@0.5.0`, `grunt-contrib-concat@0.3.0`, `grunt-contrib-connect@0.5.0`, `grunt-contrib-copy@0.4.1`, `grunt-contrib-cssmin@0.7.0`, `grunt-contrib-jshint@0.7.2`, `grunt-contrib-uglify@0.2.7`, `grunt-contrib-watch@0.5.3`, `grunt-eslint@14.0.0`, `grunt-newer@0.6.0`, `grunt-ngmin@0.0.3`, `grunt-usemin@2.0.0`, `grunt-wiredep@1.7.0`.

    Package for Deployment

    This concerns the modules bp-address-auto-complete, bp-address-auto-complete-wrapper

    • On command prompt cd to the current directory of the module
    • Run grunt package to package your static assets for deployment.
    • Your package will be generated in a dist folder and your javascripts and stylesheets will be concatenated, minified and versionned.
    • grunt : launches grunt package. Use this task for continuous integration.

    When the `grunt` will be launched on **bp-address-auto-complete-demo-page-extern** module where the static localhost server will be launched, then changes will be automatically distributed on the dist folders of that module.


    This concerns the module bp-address-auto-complete-demo-page-extern

    • On command prompt cd to the current directory of the module bp-address-auto-complete-demo-page-extern
    • Run grunt to start a static web server and open your browser Live
    • jshint and/or csslint will be running on your files when they change.
    • With every change done on the other modules bp-address-auto-complete and bp-address-auto-complete-wrapper and running grunt on these modules, the changes are automatically distributed on the corresponding vendor folders of the bp-address-auto-complete-demo-page-extern module.


    We welcome contributions.

    Note that on Windows for tests to pass you need to configure Git before cloning:

    git config --global core.autocrlf input



    Copyright (c) 2016 Bpost and other contributors

    Licensed under the MIT License




    npm i bp-address-auto-complete-wrapper

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