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    ##Description BpostAddressAutoComplete is an AngularJs implementation of the Address Auto Complete Service, which makes use of the Web Services to validate addresses and offer suggestions of addresses based on user input which may be incorrect or incomplete.


    • bp-address-auto-complete (core): a collection of angularjs directives, which includes the address auto complete input search bar and the list of suggestions.
    • bp-Address-Auto-Complete-Wrapper: the main wrapper directive, displays the output from the core directive on every user input (‘Please fill in a house number …’)
    • bp-address-auto-complete-demo-page-extern: the Demo page includes the aac wrapper with some parameterized options available to the user to:
      • change the environment endpoints
      • set the minimum level of validation
      • some prefilled parameters which allow the user to fill in the search bar with prefilled values.


    • Simply copy the files found in the dist folders of the vendor modules bp-address-auto-complete, and bp-address-auto-complete-wrapper and include them into the page.
      The files to copy are bp-address-auto-complete.js, bp-address-auto-complete.css, bp-address-auto-complete-wrapper.js and bp-address-auto-complete-wrapper.css.
      For conveniency they can be copied into distinct folders.
    • As an example the bp-address-auto-complete-demo-page-extern module is provided.

    Api keys

    The autocomplete and validateAddress urls will need API keys. i.e, A http requst header called x-api-key needs to be added in the http request. apiKey is added as a scope variable for directive bp-address-auto-complete and bp-address-validator. Please request to generate a API key for your application.


    You may download the latest release with the full code from all three modules from github or you may run npm install bp-address-auto-complete, npm install bp-address-auto-complete-wrapper, npm install bp-address-auto-complete-demo-page-extern.

    Setup development environment and deployment via grunt

    1. Install node and npm
    2. Install Grunt running npm install -g grunt-cli
    3. Install Bower running npm install -g bower
    4. Install local environment on bp-address-auto-complete, bp-address-auto-complete-wrapper and bp-address-auto-complete-demo-page-extern modules as follows:

    On command prompt cd to the current directory of each module and run `npm install --save-dev package_name` where ***package_name*** will be the following:
    `grunt@0.4.1`, `load-grunt-tasks@0.2.0`, `grunt-angular-templates@0.5.7`, `grunt-available-tasks@0.4.2`, `grunt-bower-task@0.3.4`, `grunt-browser-sync@0.9.1`, `grunt-contrib-clean@0.5.0`, `grunt-contrib-concat@0.3.0`, `grunt-contrib-connect@0.5.0`, `grunt-contrib-copy@0.4.1`, `grunt-contrib-cssmin@0.7.0`, `grunt-contrib-jshint@0.7.2`, `grunt-contrib-uglify@0.2.7`, `grunt-contrib-watch@0.5.3`, `grunt-eslint@14.0.0`, `grunt-newer@0.6.0`, `grunt-ngmin@0.0.3`, `grunt-usemin@2.0.0`, `grunt-wiredep@1.7.0`.

    Package for Deployment

    This concerns the modules bp-address-auto-complete, bp-address-auto-complete-wrapper

    • On command prompt cd to the current directory of the module
    • Run grunt package to package your static assets for deployment.
    • Your package will be generated in a dist folder and your javascripts and stylesheets will be concatenated, minified and versionned.
    • grunt : launches grunt package. Use this task for continuous integration.

    When the `grunt` will be launched on **bp-address-auto-complete-demo-page-extern** module where the static localhost server will be launched, then changes will be automatically distributed on the dist folders of that module.


    This concerns the module bp-address-auto-complete-demo-page-extern

    • On command prompt cd to the current directory of the module bp-address-auto-complete-demo-page-extern
    • Run grunt to start a static web server and open your browser Live
    • jshint and/or csslint will be running on your files when they change.
    • With every change done on the other modules bp-address-auto-complete and bp-address-auto-complete-wrapper and running grunt on these modules, the changes are automatically distributed on the corresponding vendor folders of the bp-address-auto-complete-demo-page-extern module.


    We welcome contributions.

    Note that on Windows for tests to pass you need to configure Git before cloning:

    git config --global core.autocrlf input



    Copyright (c) 2016 Bpost and other contributors

    Licensed under the MIT License




    npm i bp-address-auto-complete-core

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