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About Boxspring

Inspired by Christopher Cliff's GIST, Boxspring augments Backbone's service layer with a set of base document classes that override key methods required for Backbone to work with CouchDB. For the most part, CouchDB's RESTful semantics are neatly encapsulated in Backbone's API allowing Boxspring to delegate most of its documentation to Backbone.

Use the Boxspring Model class for CRUD operations on documents. The Boxspring Collection is aware of and takes advantage of CouchDB's Bulk Document API. An extended Boxspring class Boxspring.Couch can be further extended and is provided as a convenience to implement some common CouchDB API tasks such as login/logout/session/uuid.

Boxspring is compatible with both Server side execution in Node.js and Browser based applications.


Backbone.Boxspring nearing readiness for production use.


Documentation is available on the Backbone.Boxspring wiki.


Backbone.Boxspring requires Underscore.js and Backbone.js. Backbone.Boxspring adds no veriables to the global name space. Access and extend Backbone.Boxspring classes from the Backbone variable.

npm install boxspring

License (MIT License)

Copyright (c) 2013-2014 Incite Advisors, Inc.

Distributed under MIT license.