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Boxpack—Bin packing algorithm! Build Status

Bin packing algorithm!


var bin = boxpack();
var boxes = bin.pack([
    {width: 50, height: 100},
    {width: 75, height: 75},
    {width: 25, height: 25},
    {width: 100, height: 100}
document.getElementById('result').innerHTML = (box) {
    return '<div style="' +
        'position:absolute;' +
        'border:1px solid black;' +
        'left:' + box.x + 'px;' +
        'top:' + box.y + 'px;' +
        /* subtract border from width & height */
        'width:' + (box.width - 2) + 'px;' +
        'height:' + (box.height - 2) + 'px"></div>';

Data structures

{Rect} {width: {Number}, height: {Number}}

Defines rectangles that we want to pack in a bin.

{Box} {x: {Number}, y: {Number}, width: {Number}, height: {Number}}

Defines where a rectangle was packed in a bin.

Bin methods

var bin = boxpack({Object} options)

Creates a new bin for packing rects into.

var result = bin.pack({width: 50, height: 100})

result will return false if there was no room left to pack the Rect. Otherwise it will return Box

Weighting algorithms


Sorts boxes based on their distance from (0, 0)

Sorts boxes based on their distance from the X-axis


Sorts boxes based on their distance from the Y-axis

Helper functions

boxpack.rectFit({Rect}, {Box}) -> {Boolean}

boxpack.boxFit({Box}, {Box}) -> {Boolean}

boxpack.intersect({Box}, {Box}) -> {Boolean}

boxpack.divideX({Box}, {Number}) -> {Array {Box}}

boxpack.divideY({Box}, {Number}) -> {Array {Box}}

boxpack.subtract({Box}, {Box}) -> {Array {Box}}