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ExpressJS based API centric CMS.

Underlying tools

  1. Express
  2. Sass
  3. Pug
  4. Webpack
  5. Babel
  6. Bootstrap
  7. Vue.js

Folder/File Structure


Env variables. Copy from .env.example.

/app.js (optional)

Optional app.js to extend the Express app instantiated from BoxesCMS. Must export a function that receives the app as first argument.


Data layer for static HTML generation from /web/pug/**/*.pug. **/* portion must match between /data and /web/pug. Data must be exported using module.exports = {}


Server and node related files.


Only API routes. All routes are prepended with /api, appended with folder/file relative path. Routes should be declared using require('express').Router().


Additional custom routes.


Web related files (html, pug, sass, scss, js, images, fonts).


Web files will be compiled here, and served as root static by Node server.


Contents should be ignored. Storage folder for various runtime data usage.


External configuration files.