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A small module that handles creating a player that can jump with Box2dweb. Handy for prototyping other parts of a physics-based game - if you're developing your own thing, you'll have better results writing something from scratch!


npm install box2d-player box2dweb-commonjs


b2Player = require('box2d-player)(Box2D)

Pass box2d-player your Box2D object and get back a player class in return.

var b2Player = require('box2d-player')(require('box2dweb-commonjs').Box2D)

player = b2Player(world[, options])

Creates a player instance, with its body attached to the world. Takes the following options:

  • data: the user data to attach to the body. Defaults to null
  • position: the position to create the player at. Defaults to {x:0,y:0}.
  • jumpHeight: the impulse to apply upwards when jumping. Defaults to 10.
  • body: a body you can use for the player - a default body will be created if not supplied.
  • fixture: a fixture you can use for the player - otherwise, a circle will be created for you.


Triggers a jump provided there's a physical body below the player and it's not moving upwards. Returns true if successful.

Right now you'll still need to control horizontal motion manually - you can do this by changing the value of the player.body.m_linearVelocity.x property.